About Us

Imagine our world before Amazon, Netflix and iTunes shook up their respective industries. Recruiting, as much of an art as it is a profession, could not thrive until a fundamental business model flaw was fixed.

As industries become more specialized, the knowledge necessary to identify top performers and build relationships with them becomes greater; but increased corporate overhead and unfavorable comp structures has resulted in diminished recruiter commissions, which in turn has created an increase in lower quality/higher quantity transactional recruiting firms.

We have a better way - to serve the best interests of our employers and our candidates by first serving the best interests of our recruiters.

HeadHunters, Inc. is poised to become a driving force in the recruitment industry - across every market and every industry by simplifying a complex idea:

Attract the Industry's Best Recruiters.

  • Superior resources and training
  • Greater commissions
  • Ownership Opportunities

Our revolutionary EOB (Earned Ownership Business) business model works. Our Silicon Valley Tech practice is thriving, supported by offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and Seattle. More cities soon to follow.

While other companies require large upfront investments in pricey and unproven franchises, our recruiters are given the opportunity to work towards 100% ownership of their own branch and earn much more than the "industry standard" commission from day one.

The paradigm shift is underway.

HeadHunters, Inc.